Top PUBG Mobile Hack That Every PUBG Player Should Know

PUBG Mobile game has sensationalized the gaming arena and to compliment this addictive game, even the critics appreciate it. If you talk about the graphics, it’s excellent; then the gaming modes are too fantastic; you talk about anything related to this app, it’s all stunning.

Its performance speaks volume of this game and due to the same, PUBG Mobile app was crowned overall game of the year, and was even included among one of the five winners in the Most Competitive category. Also, PUBG Mobile has stood out to be the best-selling Xbox One video game in terms of total copies sold, which is around 8 million.

If we talk about the statics, in January 2019, the number of peak players stood at 1,084,606 which is about 5 percent gain from the last data being recorded. So, with so much of craze going into this game, you need to stay on your toes to beat others and for it, we have got your back with our comprehensive PUBG beginners guide on the hacks that you can use while playing the game and take away the “Chicken Dinner.”

Top PUBG Game Hacks

Following are best hacks that a PUBG player can include in his gameplay and make his game better:

  1. Parachuting And Landing Hacks In PUBG

Landing is the most critical and primary objective to complete. Therefore, PUBG tips and tricks will give you ample time to arm yourself.

  • Pick Your Spot: It’s the first and the foremost thing to pick the spot where you wish to land. Every map has different
  • Jump Timing: Try to jump out of the plan from the nearest place from where the plane is designated to pass. And tilting towards the ground can propel your speed of landing.
  • Deep Dive: Apart from picking the landing spots in the PUBG map, you must also watch out for other players who are landing at the same spot because landing at a better place can give you a direct advantage over other players. So, it makes more sense to deep dive and land ASAP.
  • Track The Map: It’s good to mark your landing spot, but you also need to keep a constant check on the nearby areas, as sometimes, there can be a flood of players in a particular area and you might shift to plan B.

  1. PUBG Combat Hacks

The combating in PUBG game is the core part of the game and you need to know the hacks that will help you to survive longer.

  • Stay Low: Never start running and engage in firefights in the initial few minutes. At first, comb the area where you landed, get the best stuff and arm yourself for a deadly flight. Once you are packed, try to pick the enemies from a distance, as it will surprise them.
  • Know Your Surroundings: Before jumping from building to building, make sure to scan it properly because you never know, there can be an enemy ambush waiting for you.
  • Don’t Panic: If a bullet hits you and you are clueless about it, look at the map on the screen and see the direction from where the bullet came and take the cover accordingly.  If engaged in a close combat fire, hold your nerves and try to aim the enemy rather than taking the cover.
  • Wait For The Kill: Once you knock down the enemy, don’t rush and try to kill him. The squad always stays close by and the chances are high that they might be aiming at your head.
  • Weapon Friendly: It’s very important that you know which weapon to carry for combat for a particular place. For instance, UMP 9 is a beast to fight in close-quarter combat and snipers are favored for long-range fire.
  • Don’t Waste Ammo: Don’t spray the bullet unnecessarily. The ammo is hard to come by at places where there are others also.
  • Load The Weapon Fully: To offer better fire rate and stability, add the attachments to your weapon, as it will give you more control of the weapon. For instance, the weapon suppressor lessens the recoil and also hide the location of fire from the map, which indeed is a bright side for any player.

  1. PUBG Vehicle Hacks

If used prudently, vehicles in PUBG game can help you a lot.

The vehicles are an excellent choice to cover larger ground and thus it makes the vehicles as a critical component in the PUBG mobile game. Many a time, you may land up in an area which is far away from the circle, so after looting the items, pick up a vehicle and zoom out. Also, getting your hands on a vehicle will help the user to survive the new  PUBG Zombie mode.

  • Move Together: Vehicle is a good option to move along with the squad. It will also save you from surprise enemy attack and will help repeal the enemy. If going alone, the vehicles will help you to drive away faster from the enemy location.
  • Adds Cover: You won’t always find buildings and trees to cover yourself. The vehicles are scattered all over the PUBG map and you can find vehicles in every couple of hundred meters.
  • Make Sure To Runover The Enemy: Besides moving from one place to other, the vehicles in PUBg can also be used to kill the enemy. You just need to hit the enemy head-on and you can add one kill in your kitty. Also, the squad sitting in the vehicles can shoot the enemy on the go.

Other Advanced PUBG Hacks

  • Train Yourself Before Hitting The Battlefield: Someone has rightly said, “It’s good to sweat in peace, rather than bleed at war.” PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds offers a training area where anyone can go and train with the weapon he wishes to. The training area has everything right from the guns to the ammo and from the attachments to vehicles.
  • Keep Communicating: Always communicate with your squad and let them know where you are, what you are doing, and what all you have. Sometimes, you can assist your squad with extra ammo or scope.
  • Track The Blue Circle: To stay away from the blue circle is all you need and for that, you need to know where the circle will shrink and accordingly, you can make your move.
  • Don’t be a sitting duck: Sitting or camping in a building for long is an unwise option unless you are in the last circle. If the enemy squad gets to know about your location, the chances of survival may come down.

Take Away “Chicken Dinner”

With so many online players in the PUBG mobile game, it’s has become a challenging task to win and now with the addition of the PUBG Zombie Mode in the game, it’s even tougher. Therefore, it is essential to know the basic hacks and tips for surviving in PUBG game and to win the zombie mode.

With this article, MobileAppDaily strives to offer easy tricks that will lessen your burden throughout the game and helps you win and take away the chicken dinner.

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